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Wilt Fencing & Pole Buildings LLC
We are a small family-owned and operated business proudly serving Aspers, PA. We have built a name for excellence in the construction of fencing and pole buildings for a wide variety of equestrian, farming, residential and commercial needs. As a small family-operated business, our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality work at affordable prices, while ensuring satisfaction through every step of the process.

Pole Buildings
Much like traditional structures but cheaper to build and design, pole buildings are a great choice for any type of application. From a workshop, garages, storage sheds, or horse barn, this style of construction is reliable and durable. You pick the dimensions, style, and roofing elements you want, and just let us do the rest.

Types of fencing we install - Woven Wire, Coated Wire, Horse Rail, High Tensile, Board Fence, Split Rail and we also pound posts.



Types of fencing we install - Woven Wire, Coated Wire, Horse Rail, High Tensile, Board Fence, Split Rail and we also pound posts.



Pole buildings are a perfect fit for those that need extra space to store equipment, tools, feed or anything else your agricultural business requires



In addition to Fencing and Pole Buildings, we also provide some residential work. Metal Roofing, Decks, Porches and Remolding..


Metal Storage

Keep your vehicles and equipment secure and out of the elements with our metal storage sheds. Let us help build the perfect shed for your use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pole Building?
The design is based around posts (previously poles), that are set four to five feet into the ground, spaced four to eight feet apart. Trusses are attached on top of the posts and purlins are attached to trusses. Instead of studs used in traditional buildings, these posts provide a strong structural frame for the exterior walls. Horizontal supports (girts) are attached to the posts to attach the siding. Steel is then attached to the girts and purlins creating a system that is both sturdy and cost efficient.

Who constructs Wilt Fencing and Pole Buildings?
The owner himself along with two other co-workers.

Are pole buildings cheaper?
Pole buildings tend to be more efficient and cost effective than most alternatives. As pole buildings get wider, there are substitutions that can be more effective. If you are looking for a building wider than 80' wide, we can offer options. Give us a call and ask us about other options.

Do you do concrete slab work or excavating?
Typically we refer it to a quality contractor who does the majority of the concrete work for us. That contractor can be contacted directly or we can communicate with them.

How long does it take to get my building constructed?
After you sign the agreement, it usually takes about 2-3 weeks to get materials to your site or our lumber yard. Depending upon how far out our crews are booked, we can get your building erected in that same time frame.

Do I need to have concrete foundation?
Pole buildings do not require a traditional concrete foundation. The foundation for a pole building is considered either a poured footing or a pre-cast concrete footing. It isn't required to put in a concrete floor, many customers just put down Class 5 gravel.

Can I get a cupola or a Dutch door for my building from you?

Tracy M.

"I'm always impressed by the speed of your installations and the tidiness of the work site along the way. Whether we present you with uneven pasture, odd angles, or our need for gates everywhere, you always make it look perfect. We'll be given you a call when the next project is ready."

John P.

"We will be happy to spread our wonderful experience with Wilt Fencing and Pole Buildings to all those who are interested. Due to the structure and performance of our first two buildings, we will defiantly purchase a third. Thanks for everything!"

Jeff R.

"I found that with Wilt Fencing & Pole Buildings, they met each and every time line, from the initial contact and response, to the proposal and work completion. The quality of the barn and fence on our property was outstanding and the price was fair and competitive. Thanks for a great job done."

Tom S.

"I would like to compliment you and your workers for the great job you did on our wrap around porch. I am very pleased with the quality and the finished product. You have some good employees and I couldn't be happier."


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Apers, PA. 17304


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Certifications & Affiliations: We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Licensed and Insured - License Number "PA065010"

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